Vscan AirTM

See more. Treat faster.

A wireless handheld ultrasound system that enables whole body scanning and delivers crystal-clear images.

  • The power of a high-performance ultrasound machine in a small, lightweight wireless solution
  • Optimized for the most common adult and pediatric physical exams to support a broad range of applications
  • The dual probe’s two-sided design allows for both shallow and deep exams
Clear images. Informed decisions.
Break free
By your side
Securely store, share and collaborate
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"I think Vscan Air provides patients a level of comfort that is above and beyond what I'm normally able to provide."

Dr. James Kornfield

"The Vscan Air is a great tool for emergency medicine, homecare, and even GP offices. I think it is the best option on the handheld ultrasound market."

Dr. Michel Athouel
General Practice & Emergency Medicine

"The first time I fired up the Vscan Air it was a bit like stepping into the future!"

Dr. Kyle Leonard
Family Medicine

"It's just as if I have my eyes inside of the patient."

Dr. Mirna Salloum
General Practice & Emergency Medicine

"It has no cable in infectious settings; it's optimal [to] clean in the ICU setting.“

Dr. Martin Altersberger

"The biggest impact of Vscan Air in my practice is to use it systematically before any delivery."

Dr. Laurent Salomon

Clear images. Informed decisions.

Crystal-clear images support early disease detection and help monitor treatment.

See into the whole body with GE Healthcare’s industry leading dual-probe technology.

Break free

Take it anywhere* with wireless freedom and maximum portability. It’s small, lightweight and wireless, providing you with a convenient, durable and flexible handheld ultrasound solution.

By your side

We support your ultrasound journey from first scan to confident use.

  • Easy-to-use probe
  • Intuitive app - user validated to be intuitive and consistent for healthcare software
  • Service and educational tools
  • 3-year worry-free warranty

Securely store, share and collaborate

Collaborate seamlessly and securely with flexible wireless dataflow and security.

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