Vscan AirTM See more. Treat faster.

No compromises

Up until now, high quality images have required large and expensive hardware. For handheld ultrasound this has meant small and ergonomic devices come at the expense of lower image quality.

With SignalMax™ Technology you don’t have to compromise on image quality to have a probe that comfortably fits in your hand.

Vscan Air’s dual-probe uses the same piezoelectric transducer technology as GE Healthcare’s leading ultrasound brands. This means each side of the probe is tailor-made for the task for which it is designed.

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custom chipset

Balancing size and quality

Professor Laurent Salomon, M.D.

Miniaturized custom chipset

Uncompromised image quality with our miniaturized custom chipset:

  • Powerful signal delivery into the body
  • Precise signal reception utilizing all physical channels
  • Signal processing adapted from GE Healthcare’s high-end ultrasound consoles

SignalMax technology gives you an ultra-compact device delivering high-intensity ultrasound signals that enable high-quality harmonic imaging.