Vscan AirTM See more. Treat faster.

Clinician perspectives

"When I use Vscan Air, my patients know they will get quick insights to their clinical problem with an improved diagnosis."

Dr. Michel Athouel
General Practice & Emergency Medicine

"If I have one ultrasound device, if I have to choose, I choose the Vscan Air."

Dr. Francis Pellet
General Practice

"One of the first scans I did, I looked up from the screen and I think the patient's smile was almost larger than mine was."

Dr. Kyle Leonard
Family Medicine

"I could say I'm in love because of the cardiac image. That quality of images allowed me to do all of the interpretations I needed. A well-designed, powerful tool."

Dr. Yale Tung-Chen
Emergency Medicine

"I was excited about how quickly I was able to pick it up and put it into use."

Dr. James Kornfield